Members of the Monitoring Network Against Gender Based Violence

Member Organizations of the Monitoring Network

  1. AWEN – Albanian Women Empowerment Network
  2. “Useful to Albanian Women”Association
  3. Counseling Office for Men and Boys, Shkodër
  4. Human Rights in Democracy Centre (HRDC)
  5. Community Development Center “Today for the Future”
  6. Organization “Different & Equal”
  7. Young Women’s Christian Association of Albania – YWCA of Albania
  8. IPSED – Institute for the Promotion of Social and Economic Development
  9. Albanian Institute of Public Affairs – AIPA
  10. Albanian Center for Population and Development
  11. Mary Ward Loreto Foundation
  12. “Albanian Helsinki Committee” (AHC)
  13. Center “Children Today”
  14. Albanian Group for Human Rights
  15. National Centre for Community Services
  16. Women Towards Integration
  17. Roma Women Rights Centre
  18. Albanian Disability Rights Foundation – ADRF
  19. Association of Women Business Professionals and Skilled Crafts
  20. In the family for the family” NFPF
  21. National Association of Social Workers
  22. Albanian Association of PLWHA
  23. National Organization “STOP – AIDS”
  24. Refleksione Women Association
  25. Centre of Integrated Legal Services and Practices (CILSP)
  26. Counselling Line for Men and Boys (CLMB)
  27. Tirana Legal Aid Society, (TLAS)
  29. “Ad Litem”
  30. Child Rights Centre Albania (CRCA)
  31. ALO 116 – Albanian National Child Helpline
  32. Center for Development of Rural Women (CDRW)
  33. Pink Embassy / LGBT Pro Albania
  34. Center for Legal Civic Initiatives
  35. Observatory for Children and Youth Rights
  36. Shelter for Abused Women and Girls–Albania
  37. WDN-Women’s Democracy Network Albania
  38. Albanian Center for Family Development
  39. Women in Public Service Albania
  40. Women Counselling and Social Services Center, Kukes
  41. Bridging communities
  42. Intellectual Women Association
  43. Woman Center “Light Steps”